Smoking; The road to death for women suffering from breast cancer

Does smoking kill? The one word that would strike to one’s mind is, yes it does. Smoking is and has always been injurious to health but a new study has concluded that young women who tend to smoke are likely to develop breast cancer. Researchers have found that women aged between 20 and 44 years who have inhaled a pack of cigarettes per day for at least 10 years or more were 60 percent more likely than those who smoked less to develop estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Studies have concluded that there is a strong link between smoking and the increased risk of death amongst women who already suffer from breast cancer. Worldwide, smoking is the most common malignancy in women for many different reasons. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age; from 1 in 227 at age 30 to 1 in 26 by age 70 in women. The substances found in cigarettes act like estrogens, which then further promote estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer and that furthermore leads to death in many cases.
Breast cancer patients should be warned of the negative consequences that smoking can lead to. Researchers have highlighted that a longer duration of smoking amongst women is linked with an increased risk of death among premenopausal patients,
A study was published in ‘Cancer Science’ that clearly  reported premenopausal women with breast cancer were more likely to die if they smoked. “Smoking-attributable cancer mortality in women has been increasing since the 1970s, with the increase slowing since the late 1980s,” states Cancer Institute NSW epidemiologist and paper author Nicola Creighton. The risk of death in women is however greater and has increased over the following years in women. This however brings in light the continued importance of making sure women control their tobacco intake if they are suffering from breast cancer and should be able to handle cancer comprehensively taking adequate measures.
Regardless of the fact that smoking is hazardous to health, importance should be given to the fact that smoking women who suffer from breast cancer are wrapping themselves around the deadly trap that leads to no escape.


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