New Ice Age May Start By 2030

The vast majority of climate scientists unanimously believe that a new Little Ice Age is highly unlikely to take place on earth.

In the present research, the researchers analyzed a complete background magnetic area from full disk magnetograms for 3 cycles of photo voltaic exercise (21-23) by making use of the so-referred to as “principal element evaluation”, which allowed to scale back the info dimensionality and noise and to determine waves with the most important contribution to the observational knowledge.

According to scientists at the University of Northumbria, models show a cold weather cycle is set for between 2020 and 2030 because of a decrease in solar activity.

Since the Sun’s magnetic field’s amplitude and spatial configuration vary with time, the reduction in the number of solar spots can cause decay of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, which in turn results in cold or “Little Ice Age”, explain the scientists.

As an outcome, the researchers developed a brand new technique of study, which helped to uncover, that the magnetic waves within the Sun have been generated in pairs, with the primary pair overlaying forty % of variance of the info (Zharkova et al, 2012, MNRAS). The main pair was responsible for the modifications in a dipole field on the Sun, which has been altering its polarity during a period of 11 years of solar activity.

The study claims that this will happen because the solar cycles will cancel each other out in a phenomenon known as “Maunder minimum”, ‘The Daily Mail’ reports. But they would have to examine it in detail.

A research on deuterium in the Antarctic revealed that there were four ice ages and five global warmings in the last 400 thousand years. The increase in the volcanic activity comes after the Ice Age and it leads to the greenhouse gas emissions. This process comes with some delay.

Dr. Helen Popova said that there is no real evidence that humans are the cause of global warming but even if they influence the climate, there is a possibility that the Sun would give us a second chance or more time in order to reduce our emissions and prepare for the Sun to return to normal.





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