El-cerrito Pretentious Oncologist Caught In A Scam; Minted Thousands Of $$$

Californian doctor impersonated Oncologist, where many innocent people may have been victimised. according to investigators. He fooled his patients by giving them false hopes, and minted thousands of dollars off them, providing fake treatments.

Fern, diagnosed at stage four of breast cancer, also one of his victims reported that- El Cerrito’s Vincent Gammill, was 69 years of age, portrayed himself as a doctor and tricked her to invest $2,000 on sham treatments, including mixing of a concoction at Gammill’s Richmond office, which also involved a bag of dirt.

Fern also explained how she mixed the prescription and ingested it. She had even complained to Gammill that it is burning. He replied by claiming it is a good signal, as this means that it is still active.

Gammill is now out over bail and is being accused of practicing medicine and prescribing drugs without owning a license. It is reported that Gammill owned a giant store of prescription drugs at his El Cerrito residence and at his Richmond office, according to Ventura County detectives.

They discovered that few drugs were as impactful as morphine and majority of them had reached expiry. Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Det. Robert Davidson said in a statement that they have found over 25,000 doses of prescription medication.

Also, Gammill possessed a website pertaining to his Natural Oncology Institute, where he claims to have treated various cancer patients with vast options economical treatments.

Gammill did not make any rejoinder to ABC7 News’ when they beseeched him for giving some comment on the controversy. He is expected to reappear in court in Ventura County next month.

In another case, recently a doctor was arrested for ruining the lives of approximately 600 patients, where a few were even assassinated due to his inappropriate prescriptions and treatments.


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