Fake California Doctor Arrested for ‘Scamming’ Cancer Patients

It’s every patient’s nightmare. Finding out your doctor, who you trust with your life, is a quack just minting money and googling treatment options for you. Once such “chemist” who claimed he could treat several types of cancer by using alternative medicines got nabbed recently when a mother from Thousand Oaks, CA reported that he is a con-artist.

A report of the incident says that the mother of two was fighting breast cancer—and has been, for seven years—and undergoing chemotherapy, which failed and the cancer spread to several other parts of her body.

As a last resort, she chose to halt her chemotherapy treatments (in 2009) and experiment with natural remedies instead. She reports that she came across a website later that year which endorsed Vincent Gammill’s “Natural Oncology Institute,” noting that this might be a feasible last effort when traditional medicine fails.
The site touted Gammil as a “guru” of alternative medicine, specializing in vaccines. The mother, 50, even drove from Thousand Oaks to Richmond, CA to seek treatment from him at his, supposed, institute. There he charged her $2,000 for her stay.

And this stay was only three days long. When she left his office, she had a funny feeling that the chemist was not genuine. She recalls how Gammill gave her baggies with dirt and empty capsules, powders, and vials of liquid as well as several other medicines. She also added that he gave her many expired prescriptions as well as made many contradictory statement which raised her suspicions.

When she got home she immediately notified the police. Investigators eventually confirmed that Gammill did not, in fact, have any medical training. Furthermore, authorities report that when they searched his home they found laboratory equipment and bottles that had been labeled as “corrosive” and even “poisonous.” Authorities also found that Gammill had more than 25,000 prescription pills including Ambien, morphine, and steroids.


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