Why are they banning Fishing Around Arctic?

Global warming and climate change remain the hottest topics in science circles these days, with rumors flying around about potential ‘mini ice ages’ and rising sea levels which could engulf us all. Carbon emissions are the main concern when it comes to climate change, however, officials are now trying to take counter measures to keep Arctic ice intact. Nations such as Russia, the U.S., Denmark have joined hands to place a ban on fishing in regions surrounding the Arctic circle.

Any fishing that does occur in the region must follow the regulation put forth by the agreement. Also with the implementing of the fishing ban, further scientific research is intended to be conducted to better understand the ecosystem of this region.

Several different news outlets let out news of the rising sea level that was inevitable with climate change, including a press release from the U.S Department of State on Thursday and another from the NOAA.

Both state that based on the information gathered on the climate conditions in the year 2014, the resulting melting ice caps, and rising sea levels, five nations in the Arctic Ocean signed an agreement of banning commercial fishing around the region—unregulated fishing, that is. Although they all agree fishing in this area probably won’t happen, it is nevertheless important to consider the current climate conditions and concerns, and lack of marine life knowledge in the area to not allow fishing.

The polar caps melting is not only leading to dangerously high sea levels, but also pushing polar bears to the brink of extinction. The humble, white fluffy polar bear has been forced to undergo ‘walking hibernation’ to cope with the loss of food as its habitat shrinks. Surely, the band on fishing can help delay the suffering of the polar bears if not completely eradicate them.



  1. allan says

    While I too fear for the future of the polar bear, there is absolutely nothing “humble” about that majestic beast, “walking hibernation” has already been rejected as a symptom in favour of other factors such as starvation followed shortly by death , a trait shared with all animals.
    Finally, it’s a ban and it really has little to do with the plight of the polar bear, which, in plain English, is the result of the loss of sea ice from which the bears feed primarily on seals. No ice, no seals, it’s that simple.

  2. David Chura says

    It seems the big names are all allowed to voice their opinion, but when it comes to the small man, no one even takes notice, especially when he wants to achieve a little help, So why don’t you take the time to see what the scientific world has flounder with and GONE astray with! They say not possible ! the bells should go off right there ! They know it’s possible but have no clue where to start and where it will finish !

    Do you think it’s time that the small man may have a word and ask for some help ?
    35 years of research with and an I.E.E.E. education, and no one listens !
    But you can be assured they will once it’s to late for anyone ! The fools will be in war over oil !
    This world under the control of societies leaders are only in it financial gain for themselves and not others,
    I say let the fools that rule continue and we’ll see who has the final outcome !

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