This new mobile App Prohibits Viewing, Editing Before Sharing Raw Video

Beme is a new social media app from an American filmmaker that reduces self-awareness, producing a less measured version of who we are as human beings. The mobile app is like a raw or selfie video on YouTube, yet allows users to truly live in the moment and see the world through a camera lens rather than human eyes. After being filmed the clip is posted without a review and edit, and friends can view it through video sharing just once.
Here is how the Beme app works. Users can put their smartphone on their chest to film from a first person perspective, or make a selfie video or vlog by placing the mobile device against a wall, according to Bustle. They cannot see the recorded “frames” through mise en scène. After filming the video, users can never see or review it. Besides that, when friends watch the video through their Beme feed, it is the first and last time.

Beme is not another Instagram. While the same process could be done through other social media apps and services by taking specific steps, it is one neat little package. The goal of the new app is for its users to reduce self-awareness. In social networks there is typically a filtering of text, images, and videos through editing and non-posted content.

Casey Neistat, the app creator, noted that the main goal of social media is to produce a “virtual version” of people, according to Mashable. However, it ends up making a fake version.  A big debate is whether or not self-awareness is a bad thing. Some netizens argue that the new social media app is not the antithesis of Facebook and Twitter, but rather just the other side of the coin.

Beme is currently only available for the iOS platform, at the Apple App Store.


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