Hydrocephalus Leaves Chinese Toddler’s Head 3 Times It’s Usual Size-Doctors Implant 3D Printed Titanium 

ABC news reports, a team of Doctors fixed a 3-D printed titanium implant to a baby girl’s skull to reshape it, as soon as they discovered she has  a birth defect known as ‘hydrocephalus’ that causes abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, applying immense pressure and resulting in excessive brain swelling.

The baby girl’s name is Hanhan, according to Reuters and Getty Images, the girl went through surgery to get congenital hydrocephalus treated, when her brain was left three times its usual size.Doctors operated Hanhan at the ‘People’s Hospital of Hunan Province’ as reported by Getty.
The Chief of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Dr Gregory Lakin, who is employed at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, clarified that such occasional conditions transpire when cerebrospinal fluid is unable to drain accurately from the skull.

According to doctors this implant was extremely vital as this birth defect ‘hydrocephalus’ could lead to permanent brain damage.

Doctors explained the significance of implant and stated how this defect causes brain thinning and stretching eventually leading to childhood development problems, affecting intellect, vision and speech issues. In the worst-case scenario children become bedridden.

The operation was successful, and baby is expected to recover soon.

For further information See ABC News



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