Hawaii Beach-Goers: Seaside Sand May Be More Hazardous For You Than Just Filthy Beach Water!

Already, due to storms, heavy pouring, and later flooding, run off of taint bodies of water from sewage is coherently dispersing disease-spreading fecal bacteria.

If you’re thinking to get a tan at Hawaii beach this summer or simply flying for a honeymoon vaccation there, make sure you know what you’re leaping into.
Environmental  Science & Technology journal recently published that laying on the beach next to the clear blue ocean may not be the best way to relax or spend your vaccation this summer.

Scientists at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have concluded that it’s not just the yellow water that beach goers have to frown over, it’s about bits and pieces of fecal matter too which should raise their concerns.

In a new study in Hawaii, researchers discovered that fecal contamination is more prevalent on the beach sand than the sea water.
Moreover , the level of pollution that exists in today’s world is greatly embedded in Hawaii waters and perhaps a number of them maybe swimming in there leading to worse contamination .

Previous studies advice that a greater number of fecal contaminants are spotted on the beach sand which is vulnerable to sewage, than sea waves that just hit the shore, authenticating similar results in this survey.
The authors have acknowledged funding from the Hawaii Department of Health.



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