Impact of Facebook Inc’s News Feed Test on Brands

Close on the heels of striking a deal with media firms for selected exclusive news feed positioning,Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has initiated the process of testing a fresh option tool. That would mean an impact on the content side of the people’s news feeds. The social networking site also reportedly confirmed the development without elaborating further on the new option and the likely release of it. It is not clear whether the fresh option is part of the deal with the media firms or apart of Facebook’s ongoing initiatives to test what users like in their feeds.


Ability To Select

 Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would enable some users the capability to select pages or people whose posts would be shown on top of their News Feed. It remains to be seen whether the company would resort to a wider roll-out since that would amount a network change. Previously, the social networking site used to move towards algorithm control compared to the normal News Feeds.

The company appeared to believe that the amount of content to the average user witnessed an uptick only in the past. For instance, Facebook unveiled an option to monitor some posts from a page or people without any following them fully. Previously there was the choice to get notifications from a person or page and that seems to have been ‘sunsetted’.


It appears that much would depend on how Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would launch the new option. Currently there are doubts on how many brands users would be allowed to select to get periodic updates and how much the users would see from them. Doubts could be cleared when the company launches the option to all users.

The new feature would allow users to pick pages of his or her liking from posts making it much easier for the user. In other words, the user would be able to get the content that is more entertaining for the people like personality, informative and the interaction.

No Special Consideration

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s recent agreement with the media firms would not allow them any special consideration in the new options. That meant that there would not be any separate option for the people to follow so that they can select the stories from the available brands at the top of the News Feeds.

However, it would still be attractive for the publishers, who likely could participate. That was because certain users could select content to remain on top of their News Feed. This meant that the ad revenue would be based on the ads near the content. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) could generate more revenue when the user sees the content very often.


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