Bacon Replacement? Bacon tasting Sea weed is super healthy!

It’s a translucent, red seaweed that has the taste of bacon, but with great health benefits. Called ‘Dulse’ this may become the next breakfast item, replacing the oh-so-yummy but unhealthy bacon. A group of researchers in Oregon are behind the new super food which is being described as an exceptional source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, with even up to 16% protein content when dry.

Chris Langdon has been cultivating the seawood for decades, but never he never viewed it as a potential food for humans – until he was approached by a member of OSU. The picture began to form, the potential, the innovation and the marketing of selling a healthy food that tastes just like bacon. Dulse might not sound too compelling for most of the population but its the combination of awesome taste and health which make it irresistible.

Dulse grows wildly along the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, but Langdon has been growing it himself in tanks that provide between 20 and 30 pounds per week. With potentially new uses, and ones he seems to desire most dearly if judged by the patent issued, his plans are to expand growth to 100 pounds per week.

There are no companies or commercial operations that grow the seaweed for human consumption. However, there are some demands for dried dulse in health stores that sell it as a nutritional supplement or ingredient for $90 per pound.

However, before it’s set to hit the markets, researchers have been working on both finding a way to lower the steep price and developing new products that contain dulse. The most popular ones are reportedly rice crackers or promoting its use as a salad dressing, but they do not plan on stopping there.

The super seaweed just deserves a clever marketing strategy, as the majority of the population is always wary of trying a new vegetable – let alone seaweed! I can’t get my kids to eat broccoli, will be a challenge introducing them to seaweed! Perhaps camouflaged in an omelette or disguised in a clever smoothie?


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