What’s ‘Endangering’ All The Bumblebees On Earth? According To Research…

People around the world are worried about the dangers of climate change. Another species suffering from the damages of climate change are the bumblebees, they are very important as they pollinate our flowers and plants.

Things will never be the same again with these new weather patterns Earth is witnessing, bumblebees have had to change their behavior patterns accordingly, and with the destruction of their habitats their numbers are also decreasing.

“The only explanation we’ve got is that it’s too hot for them.”

As said by Jeremy Kerr who is a biologist at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

He goes on to say that these bumblebees are pollinators that are vital for food security and the economy thus the loss of pollination will show significant decrease in both. At first methods should be established as to how the situation for pollinators can improve however the most important is to take serious action against climate change.

Europe and North American bumblebees have seen a major decrease in the past 110 years, a loss of 185 miles.

New strategies need to places in order to overcome the effects of human-caused climate change and to help the species survive.

The study which was published in the journal Science also noted that the scale and pace of the losses were unprecedented and the current analysis proved that these changes in bumblebees were not due to difference from land use or the use of pesticides.


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