New Horizons App Brings Pluto Close to Home

Good news for impatient earthlings who simply can’t wait for more updates on Pluto! A new exciting app called ‘New Horizons’ from Johns Hopkins University brings you live Pluto updates. The app is a one-stop shop to read up on the Pluto mission, with real and artist-rendered images and videos from the NASA newsroom. For the first time, we can see real photographs of the what the dwarf planet looks like up close!

The New Horizons app actually has much of the information contained on the official NASA New Horizons website but the app itself is more compact and easier to navigate.

Live video isn’t available because of the distance between planets, but it does offer a simulated view of what we’re seeing, with a preview of what the flypast will look like. Exciting? It’s like we are closing in the planet ourselves!

The app has “simulated data from the New Horizons flight team you can ride on-board the spacecraft.” NASA is expected to fly by Pluto early morning Tuesday, East Coast time.


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