Terminal Cancer Patient Marries Fiancée From Hospital Bed In Newyork!


WASHINGTON DC: Keith Borum is a terminally ill cancer patient who married Nina Scott, his girlfriend for three years, yesterday, all praises for the hospital staff at Good Samaritan Hospital. Keith Borum, who is enduring non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, became bed-ridden and was hospitalized about 18 months ago, when he ended up in the ER, soon after he felt pain in his abdomen. This emerged to be a cancerous mass and the doctors confirmed it was non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


Nina and Keith’s marriage was indeed a heartfelt one, who can imagine what the couple went through after they discovered that Keith, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Yet, the couple took it sportingly and without any fear, delightedly tied-the-knot over the hospital bed, last week inside Good Samaritan Hospital, in Long Island, Newyork.

“The whole thing was great. I don’t know what my favorite moment was. I couldn’t imagine how great it could be or would be. The staff just outdid themselves … We couldn’t have done it no better.” said Nina Borum as she married Keith.


Mr and Mrs. Keith Borum didn’t do anything extravagant for their wedding, didn’t have a ceremony, or a church march or spent thousands of dollars feeding people, but their wedding was more heartfelt , sweet and sentimental. The medical staff present there assisted the couple wholeheartedly to make the ceremony extra-special by looking for people who donated cakes, flowers and even rings.



Keith and Nina were surrounded by Doctors and nurses , who cared and comforted for Keith , who wore blue gowns, who were more than a family to them.“He’s been really going through so much and he can’t walk. It’s hard on him. He’s really hard…It’s just sunk his spirit.” added Nina.

But it seems like, in that moment, nothing could stop the two lovebirds. Their faces were lit with impish glee. On their wedding day, despite of Keith’s terminal illness, the couple claimed to have ‘The best day of their lives’

How Morrie from Mitch Albom’s book says, love always win… especially versus cancer, and how the famous quotation says, “Everything is fair in love and War” Seems like a reality for this adorable couple.

Source: ABC News



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