Bumblebee species is declining alarmingly!

WASHINGTON – It has come to notice that the population of bumblebees in North America and Europe are declining sharply because they are unable to acclimate to climate change, which specifies that some animal life will be unsuccessful in altering their habitats in order to sustain, as stated by a study published in Science magazine.

“This paper is important because it reinforces the understanding that species will not all be able to shift their ranges in order to adapt to a changing climate,” Sacha Vignieri, associate editor of Science magazine, added

“For species that evolved under cool conditions, like bumblebees, global warming might be the kind of threat that causes many of them to disappear for good,” claimed Jeremy Kerr, lead author of the study and professor of biology at Canada’s University of Ottawa.

To conduct this research, Kerr and his crew gathered a database, which contained geographic examinations of approximately 67 species of bumblebees in North America and Europe, from 1901 till 2010.

Astonishingly , it came to their knowledge that in current decades when temperatures rised, these essential crop pollinators had not shifted their habitats towards the north to sustain, but simply moved within the same habitats to more elevated, chillier altitudes.

“We need to have a thoughtful, international discussion about whether we should be helping bumblebee species establish colonies in areas further north, called ‘assisted migration,'” Kerr added. 

The researchers conclude by analyzing that the decline of these species may have nothing to do with pesticide use or the extremity of agricultural activity.

What’s diminishing the number of bumblebees are constant acute climatic occurrences such as heat waves.

“Global warming has trapped bumblebee species in a kind of climate vise – the result is dramatic losses of bumblebee species from the hottest areas across two continents,” the researcher claimed.

In the mean time, he realized the significance of conserving these species across the world to avert their likely extinction in the future. EFE



  1. G Purdum says

    I wonder if French entomologist August Magnan served as a consultant on this brilliant research effort? When the ocean level increases by 20 feet, who will care about the plight of the bumblebee then? I love the smell of BS in the morning, it reminds me of science.

  2. mememine69 says

    This garbage-lazy-copy and paste journalism is criminal level exaggeration because if all the pollinating bees are gone then so will the weeds be “extinct”.

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