How A Bat Interacts With Plant Species: Study

After extensive analysis, scientists concluded that carnivorous plants and bats have the ability to interact with each other.

Nepenthes Hemsleyana, is a pitcher plant and belongs to Borneo. This plant is able to reflect back the ultrasonic sounds that bats make, to the animals, according to Discovery News.

“With these structures, the plants are able to acoustically stand out from their environments so that bats can easily find them,” claimed Michael Schöner, who is the study co-author.

Schöner and his co-workers found out that the bats excrete feces, in as well as around the pitcher plants, where the feces play the vital role of a fertilizer or manure for the plant.

Whenever these bats come across these plants, they rest on top of it, refraining from the plant’s digestive juices.

This study also justifies why certain plants don’t hoover as many insects as other pitcher plants, they seem to be surrounded by nutrient-laden bat poop the entire time.


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