iOS 9 Release Date & AMP ; New Features

One of the highlights of the iOS 9 beta is that the phone will now automatically detect pictures and store them into separate groups for selfies and screenshots. This means an end to your photo library filled with unnecessary screenshots and embarrassing selfies.

The iOS 9 public beta is available now. Here’s how to get iOS 9, and the likely final launch date. Plus, we discuss the killer features, from multitasking and public-transport directions in Maps to a Proactive personal assistant and a new app called News.

The public beta version of iOS 9 is available now! Read on to find out how to download the iOS 9 beta, whether your iPhone or iPad will be able to run the new iOS software, and everything else you need to know about the iOS 9 launch.

iOS 9 was announced at WWDC 2015 (see How to watch WWDC 2015 live), and it looks fantastic. iOS 8 has been on our iPads and iPhones for the best part of a year, and our thoughts long ago turned to iOS 9, the next big operating system software update for Apple’s smartphones and tablets.

When will iOS 9 come out, what new features will iOS 9 offer, and which iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices will iOS 9 run on? In our iOS 9 release date and new features roundup article, we gather together all the information you need to know about iOS 9. Read on for description of the new features in iOS 9, news on when you’ll able to get iOS 9, and answers to all your other iOS 9 questions.

Plus: We can also talk about the features Apple fans wanted to see in iOS 9. Check out our wishlist of 23 iOS 9 features: the functions and upgrades we thought were missing from iOS 8.

iOS 9 release date rumours: When will iOS 9 come out?

The first public beta testing version of iOS 9 is available now, having launched on 10 July. Bear in mind that this is not the final version of the software; it will be more finished than the previous iOS 9 betas that were only available for app developers, but there are still sure to be bugs and compatibility issues.

With this in mind, here’s how to take part in the iOS 9 public beta:

How to install iOS 9 on your iPhone & iPad today: Get the new iOS 9 public beta

When will the final version of iOS 9 come out? Most likely in September.

Apple updates its iOS software platform for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch once a year, as regular as clockwork. iOS 9 – which we understand is codenamed ‘Monarch’, after an American ski resort – will launch in 2015, and was unveiled at WWDC 2015 on 8 June.

iOS 9 was made available for beta testers and app developers immediately, and will launch to the public alongside the next generation of iPhones in September 2015.

We expect new iPads to come out a month after that, in October (see our iPad Air 3 rumours, iPad mini 4 rumours, and iPad Pro rumours), and these will have iOS 9 preinstalled.


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