‘Vampires’ Mask Themselves Out of Fear of Being Judged “They are successful, ordinary people”

Vampires are for real. Yes, and these brand of ‘Edward Cullens’ never reveal themselves to Doctors and Physicians out of fear of being misjudged and stereotyped, a new research finds.A study led by D.J. Williams, director of social work at Idaho State University, has showed that people who identify themselves as “real” vampires – that is, needing others’ blood to gain energy to walk through life – do not disclose their practices to those in the medical profession and risk reactions of ridicule, disgust and possible diagnosis of a ‘psychotic’ mind.

The study which was published in the latest issue of Critical Social Work, in Canada, found that authentic vampires as against “lifestyle” vampires – black-clad figures with phony fangs. It’s complicated yes, more so for those who have never had an encounter with the latter. Williams, who has studied self-identified vampires for nearly a decade, finds they come from every walk of life and profession, including doctors, attorneys and candlestick makers.

“They are successful, ordinary people,” he said.

Except they are very, very tired. That’s apparently the chief reason they find a consenting adult willing to allow them to use a scalpel to make a tiny incision in the chest area so they can ingest a small amount of blood for energy, the study found. Sounds way to freaky to be true, right? However, there is hard evidence that such ‘blood-thirsty beasts’ and practices prevail in our society.

Williams and another researcher based the paper on the responses of 11 people who had identified themselves as vampires for many years and could be relied on to be open and honest, and who gain permission from practicing adults before ingesting their blood, he said.

“The real vampire community seems to be a conscientious and ethical one,” Williams said.

The challenge is finding non-judgmental clinicians to whom vampires can disclose their alternative lifestyles, he added.

“Most vampires believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this,” Williams said.

The global vampire population is thought to number in the thousands, he said. That’s not too little, huh? Better to keep a wooden stake and a stash of garlic on your bedside table before hitting the hay? You never know…


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