Honda to Recall Another 4.5 Million Cars Due to Takata-Made Airbags

TOKYO— Honda Motor Co. will recall another 4.5 million vehicles world-wide due toTakata Corp.-made air bags that could explode, the auto maker said Thursday.

Honda, which before Thursday had already recalled more than 20 million vehicles over seven years due to problems with Takata air bags, expanded its plan to cover newer models that were manufactured between 2007 and 2011.

Honda will replace driver side air bag inflaters from these vehicles, as it found density problems with propellant pellets inside inflaters, which could lead to explosions, company spokesman Atsushi Ohara said.

No vehicles will be recalled in the U.S. and Canada, as Honda doesn’t sell cars there that are equipped with this type of driver-side inflater, called SDI, Mr. Ohara said.

In the past, Takata has said newer inflaters are safer than older ones. Older inflaters have been exposed to high heat and absolute humidity for years, factors that are seen by experts as damaging to propellant pellets.

Damaged propellant pellets could burn abnormally and emit gas with too much force, which could lead to the inflater exploding and shooting out shrapnel into the car cabin—a problem linked to eight deaths in Honda cars.

The recalled cars include 1.63 million vehicles in Japan. The models include the Fit, CR-V and the Stream, Honda said.


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