ExxonMobil-The oil giant was aware of the climate change in 1981 and…

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international Oil and Gas Company that has no environmental responsibility and has kept quite since 1981 even though it was fully aware of the dangers of climate change. The oil giant continues its denial till today.

It has been found out through reports and emails written by Lenny Bernstein, who was ExxonMobil’s top climate scientists for the past 30 years, that ExxonMobil was fully aware of what was happening to the world’s climate.

The evidence obtained from the documents state the dangers of global warming due to CO2 emissions and was released by The Union of Concern Scientists in a report called “The Climate Deception Dossier.”

Since Berntein first warned the company of the dangers, Exxon has spent $30 million attacking the climate change science.

Suzanne Goldenberg writes in the Guardian that unlike other companies and the population of the world, Exxon has been aware of the climate change since 1980’s and it also fully knew the prospect of regulations to limit the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, according to Bernstein’s account.

National Academy of Science stated that now it is well-known that Exxon knew the truth 27 years ago about the climate change dangers and the solutions, yet it kept on funding climate denial.

Exxon can be compared to big tobacco and how they reacted with the link between cigarettes and cancer.
Much like that, Exxon too has denied the harm the company has done long after the scientific evidence was clear.

Even after the evidence has surfaced about Exxon being full aware, the company is still playing down its role in climate denial.

Exxon spokesperson, Richard Keil, while rejecting the idea that Exxon had funded groups promoting climate denial, he said in an interview with Guardian;

“I am here to talk to you about the present,” he said. “We have been factoring the likelihood of some kind of carbon tax into our business planning since 2007. We do not fund or support those who deny the reality of climate change.”

Exxon and other fossil fuel companies such as Southern Company as reveled by Greenpeace are supporting Willi Soon, a climate change denier.

Despite promising Congress in 2007 that it will stop funding Soon’s theory, and in result stop funding confusion on climate change, Exxon continued to finance Soon’s research.

Only in the year 2014, Exxon spent over $1 million on climate denial.


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