NASA’s Rover Opportunity Accomplishes Martian Marathon!

After 11 years in space NASA’s rover Opportunity has now officially and finally completed a marathon on Mars.

Last week a video was released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, using the time-lapse feature, which shows the rover’s point of view as it covers an area of 26.2 miles of Mars surface. The total journey was from January 2004 till April 2015.

Scientists are not bothered by the speed of the rover instead they are excited about the amounts of important data it collected in the time of its travel.

A Soviet lunar rover that traveled 24.2 miles in 1973 set the last record for the longest distance traveled in space but now Opportunity has broken that record by traveling a distance of 26.2 miles.

Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager John Callas expressed his marvel in statement about the record last year, he stated that it was a remarkable accomplishment because Opportunity was only intended to drive one kilometer.

NASA had begun this mission in 2004 when it had flown and landed twin rovers Opportunity and Spirit on Mars. Both had exceeded the scientists expectations by lasting much more than the expected 90-day lifespan, however NASA lost contact with Spirit in 2010, while Opportunity is still moving ahead.


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