Facebook’s icon change could be instigating to a movement of gender equality

Following up on its subtle logo redesign last week, Facebook is introducing some new friends icons — or rather, Facebook design manager Caitlin Winner is introducing them. The magnitude of the symbolism of Facebook’s seemingly innocuous icons is something designer Caitlin Winner realized not too long after she started working at the company.Thanks to Caitlin Winner, one of Facebook’s designers , the “Friend” icon unassumingly sitting in the upper right corner of the social network’s page has undergone some changes in recent months.We find it very intriguing how some companies create a culture of professionalism around them, whereas others only manage to get made fun of (we’re looking at you, Yahoo).The first day of this month brought with it a refreshed Facebook logo, one that differed just enough from the original that most users could stare at it for a while and wonder if something was different.

Upon starting her job at the Silicon Valley giant, Caitlin said she noticed something was not right regarding the design of the faceless silhouettes of the generic man and woman that represent users on Facebook. The famous motto “Nothing at Facebook is someone else’s problem” seems to have delivered us yet another case where an employee has managed to improve something in the company’s product by taking things into her own hands and fixing it without corporate heads being involved. If you take a look at the “friends” icon on Facebook, you may notice that the female silhouette is now in front of the male, and both of their hairstyles look a bit more updated. We say “her” because we’re talking about Caitlin Winner, design manager at Facebook, who in a very enthralling Medium post revealed the process through which the Facebook Friends icon was changed.


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