Emerald Ash Borer Invades Lee County, Reports

The Department of Agriculture New Jersey reported on Monday that an invasive and highly destructive beetle has been spotted in three of NJ’s counties.

First the dreadful stinging man o’wars on the beaches and now these destructive beetles, New Jersey is having it full share of strange species.

The beetle called the emerald ash borer and known by its green jewel color was spotted in Burlington, Somerset, and Mercer counties by officials. Within the counties it was found in Bridgewater, Hillsborough, Westampton, Ewing and West Windsor.

This pesky creature is best known for attacking and destroying ash trees, and it spreads very fast thus the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) stated that precautionary measure have to be implanted as soon as possible.

New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher urged the town citizens to put plans in place and take action against the beetle as it is starting to spread quickly.

New Jersey has lost tens of millions of ash trees since 2014, when the beetle was first discovered.
The emerald ash borer is a metallic looking green bug, which is half an inch long and one eighth inch wide. It kills the ash tree by making its larvae sink into the bark of the tree and cutting off the flow of nutrients as they develop.

In measures taken to control the beetle, officials have placed a federal quarantined on firewood in the state and residents are being asked take wood from New Jersey outside the state.

Officials are also urging residents and towns to educated themselves about the emerald bug and on how to protect ash trees and dispose of the dead trees.

The NJDA has set up traps for the bugs in 87 towns.


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