Self-driven Cars To Become Popular Worldwide By 2030

The future is here as researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory assert the advantages of self-driven compact cars. Autonomous cars have a lot of benefits; they are inexpensive and are environmentally responsible, stuffy published in the Nature Climate Change.

Even if 5% of total car sales in 2030 are made up of autonomous taxi that planet would save 7 million barrels of oil and that too per year, and greenhouse gas emissions are expected to show a decrease of 2.1 to 2.4 million metric tons, also per year, claim authors of the study, Jeffrey Greenblatt and Samveg Saxena.

They are sure that by 2030 the popularity of the autonomous taxis will be worldwide, causing a 87 to 94% decrease in greenhouse gases per mile than the levels of noxious gases emitted by 2014 gasoline-powered private vehicles.

When compared to a 2030 privately owned hybrid car, the autonomous cars will supersede in terms of efficiency because their contribution to greenhouse gases would be about 63-82% lower.

“Almost half of the savings is attributable to right-sizing, where the size of the taxi deployed is tailored to each trip’s occupancy needs,” stated Greenblatt and Saxena.

Thus in terms of advantages the autonomous car is looking like a great invention, energy-efficient, the removal of the need of a human driver and the fact that shared transport system will lead to lower energy use per mile plus add the reduction on greenhouse gases to the list.

To determine the cost efficiency of autonomous taxis the researchers conducted an economic analysis and found out that by 2030, autonomous taxis driven 40,000 to 70,000 miles per year would be cheaper to operate than the traditional taxis of now.

However there are some limitations that exist as well, operating electric vehicle would prove to be more expensive than the petrol-driven vehicles if they cover 12,000 miles of less per year because then the maintenance cost would outweigh the efficiency cost.


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