Opal Deposits Found In Meteor Points To Life Existence On Mars

A new study conducted by the University of Glasgow provides evidence for life forms on planet Mars. Researchers have discovered traces of opal gemstones on the surface of the Red Planet. Scientist Martin Lee and his team examined a Martian meteorite that had fallen in Egypt in 1911 by using a scanning electron microscope. The meteorite is named Nakhla, after a town in Egypt.

Inside the meteorite there was a small amount of fire opal, a gemstone often used in jewelry. The interesting thing is that Opal is usually found near hot springs, where microbial life thrives in mineral-rich waters and sometimes becomes preserved in the opal deposits as if in amber. Researchers published this study in the journal Meteorites and Planetary Science.

The fact that the Martian meteorite contained opals provides a target for future experiments.

If there is a possibility of microbes present on Mars than it is possible that they also might be preserved in the opal deposits, stated Lee in a press conference.

“Closer study of Martian opals by future missions to Mars could well help us learn more about the planet’s past and whether it once held life,” Martin Lee.


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