Facebook extends flexibility of their new-video-feature performance!

In yet another attempt to mold Facebook into a more prominent and flexible video platform, the social networking giant has put in a new feature into test that would pop out the video that you click and would let you watch while you scroll down your timeline infinitely, similar to, I have to mention, how it works on YouTube’s mobile app.

However, the feature works only when you opt to stay on the same page. Once you switch to a different one, it disappears itself. And, if you click on another video while the anchored video at the bottom is playing, it will pause the bottom video and start playing the one you’ve just clicked upon.

Additionally, you can drag the video box to whichever corner of your screen and control all of the video toggles from right there.

Facebook has been trying to challenge YouTube’s video supremacy for quite some time now. While it has quietly been pushing more video content onto your news feeds, it has also been cozying up with advertisers by introducing new advertiser-only features. most notable of them all, was the recent addition of video insights to page admins.

Facebook is also offering video creators a cut of revenue from ads that display before or during their videos. It’s the first time Facebook has shared video revenue, and may challenge YouTube for the attention of creators. The revenue split is reportedly the same as YouTube: 55 percent goes to the creator, and Facebook keeps 45 percent.

Adding a new floating video feature means people will spend more time reading posts, including viewing sponsored posts that advertisers pay for.


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