Microsoft’s Big ‘Bing Maps Update’ Pulls A Page From The Google Maps Playbook

Tossup, a new Microsoft app for Android and iOS, aims to make it easier for users to check their friends and get together.

Tossup lets people emanate discerning polls and share them with their friends. The polls can be simple, consisting of a singular approbation or no question, or they can be some-more detailed, for instance providing a list of internal businesses to select from for a meeting. After formulating a poll, users are stirred to send it out to their friends as a couple possibly around content summary or email. After that, a people invited can answer a check questions inside a app and supplement comments.


Tossup creates badges for a check options, display how many people have voted for each. Users can daub on a choices to see who has voted for each. Users can also supplement questions to a check after it has been sent out. That way, a singular couple can be used to coordinate a date of a get-together and afterwards concede people to collect out a location.

Right now, it’s customarily probable for people to respond to polls if they have a app, nonetheless people who don’t have Tossup commissioned will see a doubt being acted to them before removing stirred to implement a app.

The new app is a product of a Microsoft Garage, a module during Microsoft that lets employees pursue new ideas. Tossup was grown by a group that works on Outlook and builds mobile apps. The thought for a app came about after their investigate suggested people interacted reduction with their friends and coworkers since of a bid it took to coordinate people. Like other Garage products, it’s accessible for free.

Other apps from a Garage embody InstaNote, an app designed to assist in holding discerning records from association meetings, and Receipt Tracker, that extracts pivotal information from photos of profits and puts them into a accessible list format.

Interestingly, Tossup isn’t accessible on Windows Phone yet, that is a noted disproportion from many of a other Garage products that are customarily usually built for Microsoft’s platforms.


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