Amazon Debuts Dedicated Mobile Apps For Its Dropbox Competitor ‘Cloud Drive’

Amazon has just launched a dedicated iOS app for its Cloud Drive service, bringing an iPhone and iPad experience to the service that was previously only available through desktop apps and a recently launched Android mobile app.

The new apps allow users to view files and folders, preview documents and photos, play videos and music, and share files to other apps.

The app itself is called Cloud Drive and it provides users with folder views of everything they have stored in Amazon’s cloud.

The new app doesnt appear to be a replacement for the standalone music and photos apps they still provide a much slicker experience for viewing content on iPhone and iPad where the new Cloud Drive app is geared more towards file management.

Amazon also offers a $12 per year plan with unlimited photo storage and 5 GB for all other files, though Amazon Prime subscribers get this benefit for free.

For more information on the new Amazon Cloud Drive applications jump over to the Amazon website for details.

Essentially the Cloud Drive applications function as file viewers for whatever is stored in the cloud and they don’t do anything beyond that.

The apps will reflect the folder set up you have established on Cloud Drive, which may include folders like Pictures, Videos, or My Send-to-Kindle Docs, among others.


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