Photographer Captures Brilliant Moment In The Sky-Space Enthusiasts Thrilled

A photograph that has thrilled space lovers and has gone viral all over the world was captured by an Australian wedding photographer. The exciting image, which took him a year to capture, shows a rare moment in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Dylan O’Donnell who dabbles in all sorts of photography tried his luck with astrophotography (taking photos of objects in the sky) and captured a brilliant image that shows the International Space Station passing in front of the Moon.

He used his digital camera and a telescope to capture the precise moment that was less than a second. ISS is traveling around the Earth at approximately 27,600 km per hour.

“I was super happy to catch the silhouette of the ISS over the disc of the moon last night,” Dylan O’Donnell

The amateur photographer is from Byron Bay, New South Wales.

O’Donnell keeps getting alerts from the Clasky website, which is a web-based astronomical calculator, about potential flyover of ISS over the moon.

He waited a year for this moment and to capture the ISS he used Canon 70D mounted to rear cell of his Celestron 9.25 9.25″ telescope (2300mm / f10).

O’Donnell put his camera on ‘burst’ mode in hopes of capturing the exact moment, knowing that the ISS would pass very quickly.

“I crossed my fingers and hoped it would show up in review – and it did!” he exclaimed.

The image shows the distinct shape and features of ISS including its various pressurized modules and solar panels, despite the fact that Byron Bay is at a distance of 400km.

He offers many of his photos free of charge on his website.

Scientists have estimated the size of the International Space Station to 110m, like the size of a standard football field.

ISS currently hold six astronauts from various space agencies, and also has just successfully received Russia’s cargo spacecraft for replenishing the supplies on board. ISS was built in November 1998 and has been in space for 6,000 days and has orbited the Earth 92,500 times.

The International Space Station has cost 100 billion dollars to make.


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