What’s Google Glass 2 Going To Be Like? Find Out…

Looking for a new version of Google Glass, you might have to wait a little.

It seems that Google have filed a patent application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its new Google Glass Version 2.

So far California-based Google has not made any official announcement about the new version of its wearable device but reportedly the device for which it has filed “GG1′ patent supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Furthermore it is powered by rechargeable batteries which cannot be replaced by the owner, includes a USB that enables data transfers laptop or desk top computers.

Although the documents filed for the GG1 does not go too much into detail of the device or what it is capable of but pieces of information that surface from sources signal toward the prospects that it just might be the second version of the Google Glass from the tech giant.

All device manufacturers are required to submit the detail of their products to the FCC which reviews the gadget for safety prior to it being released in the market for sale. Sometimes, that makes it difficult for the company to keep their new launches completely secret.


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