Manage Honeybees Easily With Reed’s New Beehive

A man has made it easier for anyone who wants to manage honeybees. Ronald Reed who has been a long time beekeeper has designed a new type of beehive.

He has named the new hive Modern Top Bar Hive. The new product has borrowed from the traditional Langstroth box style beehive and the top bar horizontal hive.

Reed said that the common beehives are not very efficient and are too heavy for people to easily manage.
He was challenged with the notion to come up with a product that would be user friendly and at the same time help bees produce honey more efficiently.

Reed designed prototypes for several years’ till he finally came up with Modern Top Bar, which has color-coded frames, lightweight operation and has interchangeable parts that match the Langstroth beehive and can help with pest and disease control.

“I want to help the bees do what they naturally do, but only more efficiently.”

The Modern Top Bar beehive’s bottom box is long and horizontal where the honeybees can maintain their colonies and their queen very easily. A vertical box is placed ontop of the horizontal box so the bees are able to work in that space to create honey.

The expert beekeeper said he has found in his research that bees work better vertically and don’t work as efficiently sideways, and this method produces three times more honey than the production of an old-time top bar hive.

Reed stated that while his new invention makes beekeeping easy, there is still a lot of work for beekeepers; he adds that beekeeping is all about planning ahead.

“You just can’t set it and forget it, bees have to be managed.”

Practical beekeeping is not simple but it’s not that complex either.

Eric Talley, president of the Onslow County Beekeepers Association, called Reed’s new beehive a great piece of gear.


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