Roland Reed Invents New Genius Beehive Design – Modern Top Bar Hive!

A longtime beekeeper, Roland Reed, has come up with a genius new beehive design ‘Modern Top Bar Hive’ which will make it easy for anyone who wants to start their very own beehive. The box is a clever play on the common Langstroth box style hive and the top bar horizontal hive. According to Reed, the new design produces three times the honey production of an old-time top bar hive.

This new beehive has a long horizontal bottom box where the honeybees work to maintain their colony and its queen. Vertical boxes sit on top of the horizontal one so bees can work in that space as well to create honey.

the beekeeper claims that Bees work better vertically and don’t work as efficiently sideways.

Reed explained that traditional, beehives are generally not very efficient and they can be too heavy for some people to easily manage.

His challenge was to come up with an idea which was both user-friendly and at the same time helped bees produce honey more efficiently. After changing and updating his designs and prototypes, the Modern Top Bar Hive is finally ready! It has color coded frames, lightweight operation, parts that are interchangeable with the Langstroth hives and can help with pest and disease control.

Reed said while his hive makes beekeeping easy, there is still work that needs to be done by the beekeepers.

He also said that Beekeeping is all about planning ahead. He said that you just can’t set it and forget it, bees have to be managed. Practical beekeeping is not simple but it’s not that complex either.

Eric Talley, president of the Onslow County Beekeepers Association, said Reed’s Modern Top Bar Hive is a great piece of gear.


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