A 3 Year Old Angel Saves Lives Before She Dies

A sweet little girl named Olivia Swedberg who was 3 years old went on to save other children after she left this world. Olivia had been diagnosed with a terminal disease but her organs went on to help other children.

She was a lively young girl and was diagnosed with brain cancer in May, which is known as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, that sadly has 0% survival rate.

When her family found out their daughters condition they knew they had to make the most of the time she had left with them. They took her on a Disney cruise and that is where her condition deteriorated rapidly.

Lauressa Swedberg, Olivia’s mother, said that they were in Orlando when a lady emailed her and told them about Lucas, a child who needed a liver transplant.

Lucas lived in Pittsburgh and the doctors had told the family that he only had few weeks to live. His loved ones were praying for a miracle.

When Olivai’s family heard about the little boy they arranged for a direct organ donation to Lucas, so Olivia became the miracle he needed.

Jessica Goeller, Lucas’ mother was overwhelmed and said that it takes very strong people to come forward and show love for someone they don’t even know. She said, “You look at those pictures and you look into her eyes and it’s like her soul is coming.”

Olivia not only saved Luca’s life but another boy’s as well. Angelo was born with intestines outside his stomach and he also received a transplant from Olivia.

“She is an amazing little girl and we will miss her so terrible, but I know that – I have renewed faith – I have seen God’s hands work in this and how could I not move forward knowing what a miracle she was to these praying families,” Swedberg said.


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