UFO-Conspiracy Theorists Question As NASA Abruptly Cuts Off Its News-feed!

Is NASA trying to hide extraterrestrials from us? Social media has gone viral over the fact that the You Tube video captured by the global Space Station shows the presence of UFO’s.

NASA cut the live feed from the global space station abruptly.

It isn’t clear what is on the video but it has triggered a hundred of suggestions that they reveal proof of alien crafts.

The Youtube video posted by Streetcap1 shows a white disc flying near the ISS (international space station).

The video has provided even more evidence to NASA skeptics that the Space Administration is trying to hide or cover up the existence of extraterrestrials.

The video which thrived online earlier this week, was titled; “UFO Mysteries: UFOs, Angels Or Biological Creatures Seen Leaving The Earth?”

Toby Lundh who is a UFO hunter said that in January he spotted a UFO near the space station as he was monitoring the live feed via his laptop.

The scandalous video shows the UFO leaving the Earth and then NASA’s ISS signal goes blank.

Although NASA has not yet commented on what the flashing lights in the video were and why was the broadcast cut so abruptly, some rationales believe that there is conspiracy there and they could very well be satellites.

The blank screen showed a message saying “Please standby” but now conspiracy theorists are just bombarding NASA. The Youtube video shows three unidentified objects racing into space.

Of-course the possibility of the Youtube video being tampered with is a very plausible explanation.

So far NASA is quite and has not provided any explanation for any of the theories floating around.


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