Woman gets attacked by Dolphin in “Jaws” like Scenario

A couple decide to have a quiet, boat ride on their 18th wedding anniversary.With the threat of potential angry ex-girlfriends and annoying family members out of the way, what could possibly go wrong? Chrissie and Dirk Frickman get the biggest surprise guest of all! While on the way back with their two children Tristan, 12, and Courtney, 16 to Dana Point Harbour on their small family boat they decided to stop and watch a pod of ‘friendly’ dolphins. Things quickly got nasty. One 350-pound dolphin got a bit too excited to see them and leapt all the way onto their boat, delivering a clumsy acrobatic show when he landed on Chrissie’s ankles and broke them. *ouch*

Nobody really knows what happened next in the chaos. Dirk claims that the dolphin “punched his daughter” and “hit his wife,” but didn’t kick anybody into the water. The dolphin then remained on the boat – all covered in blood – while the rest of the family were rushed to a nearby hospital. Sounds like a deadly scene from ‘Jaws’ to me.

The Harbor Patrol at Dana Point were shell-shocked to hear about the not-so-friendly encounter with the dolphin. They quickly released the dolphin after deciding that the few cuts he had under its tail and nose weren’t serious. They deemed the dolphin healthy enough to return back to the ocean.

Unfortunately, the story didn’t end so soon for Chrissie and Courtney, who were taken to the hospital by the patrol officers. There, Chrissie spent another five hours while being treated for her broken ankles. Currently, she is recovering at home from the accident. No explanation was given for the dolphin’s misbehaviour as of yet. Perhaps, it’s just safer to stay indoor this summer. With flesh-eating bacteria, Portuguese Man’ o Wars and now wrestling dolphins out there best not to venture near water! Good luck. May the odds be in your favor and you survive this summer in one piece!


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