Toxic Air from 4th July Fireworks

A new detailed study by a team of scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has come to the conclusion that under certain weather situations, watching a firework spectacle can be hazardous for health. Published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, the study outlines the fumes and particulate matter from fireworks can wreak havoc on the health.

Inhaling extra dust, smoke, and soot could often leads to simple coughing fits – but may take a turn for the worst and cause asthma attacks, stroke, and even cardiac arrest!

The scientists looked at air-quality measurements from 315 sites over 15 years, and of those sites, 10 showed levels of air pollutants following fireworks displays that could be toxic to humans. One site even saw airborne particulate matter increase by 340 percent. The sudden spike usually occurs on the evening of July 4, and air-pollutant levels were typically back to normal by the next day.

However, none the less, people are advised to be cautious. And more importantly people need to take into account preexisting risks of firework-started blazes, firework-related injuries along with the threat of inhalation of potentially toxic fumes!


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