FBI Uses Social Media To Find Family Of Women Who Has Lost All Memory

Images of a lady went viral on social media in a search for her identity. Interpol, FBI and other law enforcement agencies posted her description on the Internet hoping to find anyone who knew her.

Darrell Foxworth, a special agent for the FBI in San Diego said Investigators have interviewed her and taken her fingerprints.

The lady was found in February 2015 in a disheveled state and was mentally and physically very distributed. NBC San Diego reported that she was unable to recall anything about herself, her surroundings nor did she have any knowledge about her family, she had completely lost her memory.

A nurse had set up a Facebook page for her and was posting her regular updates online.

She was found in a barely conscious state in Carlsbad, a beach town north of San Diego, with no idea of her name, age or personal history.

Once she arrived at the hospital, while examining her, doctors found she was suffering from cancer and they managed to remove a large tumor from one of her ovaries.

People were going viral over her on all social mediums like Facebook , Twitter etc. to help the women reunite with her loved ones.

“My prognosis is not good and I pray my family will be found soon”, she wrote.

“I’m hoping that someone sees me… and my family immediately says, ‘There she is!’” the woman said.
The women explained that she had recently been discharged from a hospital.

Investigators described her to have an Australian or British accent and the lady also spoke about her dream of being in Hawaii or Australia.

She spoke about eating breakfast at a seaside organic restaurant near Perth and swimming in a saltwater pool.

Last Wednesday a nephew of hers came forward and identified her as the 53 year old Ashley Manetta and she’s a resident of Pennsylvania.

Maentetta, who weighs 91 kilos and is 1.7 meters tall, said that everyone was crying and that her family is sorry that she had to go through all this without them.

Federal Bureau of Investigation has stopped the investigation.

She has two sisters in Colorado and in Maryland who had lost track of her two years ago. She first lived in Flagstaff, Arizona and from there she moved to Carlsbad in Southern California.


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