#PlutoTime- NASA Promotes New Trend On Social Media

NASA has recently launched a new tool on its website showcasing ‘Pluto Time’ to the visitors of the website. Space fanatics who will never get the chance to step onto Pluto’s icy surface can now get opportunity to see the time on Earth as the illumination of the two celestial bodies corresponds.

Pluto is 3 billion miles away from us and it has way less light than Earth, but that does not mean that the massive dwarf planet is in complete darkness.

When it is dusk or dawn on planet Earth, it noon on Pluto, that fleeting moment has been named by NASA scientists as ‘Pluto Time’

NASA has started a trend on social networks by asking people to take pictures of their ‘Pluto Time’ and upload them.

NASA’s website post is the reason behind this trend; “It’s always Pluto Time somewhere, and NASA wants to see your view. Take a picture during your local Pluto Time, and share it to social media with the tag #PlutoTime. We’ll highlight some of the most interesting shots from around the world.”

Meanwhile the NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is all set to do a flyby of Pluto in mid-July. The images in result of the flyby will be clearer and more focused. Scientists are hopeful that with the new data they will be able to estimate the mass of Pluto and its moons.

New Horizon will be the first one to have made it this far from Earth, setting it apart from any other space probes.

The decade-long question whether Pluto is part of our solar system or not, would hopefully be answered once New Horizon explores the unknown surface of the planet.


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