Start Gardening To Reverse Global Warming

Climate change is the new talk of the town these days, countries are experiencing climatic conditions never seen before. Scientists, environmentalists and gardeners are all researching a solution to this threat. Experts are concerned and worried about the imminent dangers of this climate change.

The climate change is a result of a disruption of the carbon cycle. There is a fixed amount of carbon on Earth, in forms of liquid, solid and gas. It enters the atmosphere from different sources i.e. respiration and decay of animals and plants, eruptions of volcanoes and releases of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) from the oceans.

We all know that the photosynthesis process requires CO2, as plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the atmosphere meanwhile converting the CO2 into sugars that support the plant’s growth and using 40% of CO2 goes to its roots to feed soil microbes. The microbes help the plant get its nutrient through the roots and also locks CO2 into the soil for a very long time.

Thus the carbon cycle enables the growth of plants and other living things and also supports the Earths climate.

Through this process major amounts of CO2 are locked in the soil and smaller amounts are present in the atmosphere, the oceans and plants.

Through the 1760’s till the 1830’s when the Industrial Revolution was at its peak, humans began burning fossil fuels, destroying forests, draining wetlands, converting grasslands to large-scale crops, paving paradise and applying synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

All this chaos altered the carbon cycles balance.

The results were the degradation of the soil and reduction in its ability to store the carbon making a surplus of carbon in atmosphere and the acidification of the oceans, which is harmful to all living things.

A way to counter this effect is to restore the carbon cycle.

Everyone with gardens can help with this cause; it’s as simple as feeding the soil with organic matter and planting cover crops to protect the soil from temperature extremes and erosion.



  1. G Purdum says

    “Countries are experiencing climatic conditions never seen before”, oh yeah? Please provide just one example of a country which has experienced such a “never seen before” event. The earth has been colder, it has been warmer, it has had higher CO2 levels-all before the existence of man-and yet it has managed to survive. The only time earth has been in real peril has been when “scientists” have tried to intervene and make things better. I know. Let’s irrigate the frickin’ deserts of California and plant crops! That will make things better, at least until they run out of water, but then we can blame it all on “global warming”. QED.

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