Consider Genetic Diversity When Choosing A Life Partner For Smarter Taller Kids

The journal Nature published a new research revealing how you can have smarter children. The key to smarter taller kids is diverse genetic backgrounds. When comparing kids, the study found that children born from parents with very different genetic background were more intelligent than kids with whose parents had similar genes.

It is obvious that traits can be inherited, since children usually resemble their parents.

Genetics is the study of the way genes influences our individual characteristics.

The study was conducting by the University of Edinburgh. Researchers analyzed more than 100 different investigations, which were performed across the world. 350,000 participants took part in the study from both urban and rural areas.

Researchers picked up 16 different biomedical traits and using them they compared the genetic diversity of the genomes. To be exact in their findings they also took into account outside factors that could influence the upbringing of the child and the socio-economic status.

The research results proved that genetics are associated quite robustly across populations, and even after accounting for environmental factors, genetic effects proved to be very real, said lead author of the study, Peter Joshi.

Charles Darwin was the first person to appreciate clearly that evolution depends on the existence of heritable variability within a species to generate the differences between ancestral and descendant populations, sourced from

There has been a lot of speculation that genetic diversity would be beneficial in term of evolutionary fitness, it has been proven that parents who come from vastly different genetics reduce the chance of passing on defected copies of the same gene to their children.


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