Vatician Stresses On The Significance Of Educating Women

In the midst of preparing for the pope’s environment encyclical the Cardinal Peter Turkson says that it’s imperative for women to get more access to education in order for development goals to be achieved.

The Vatican’s justice leader expressed his views on the importance of getting more and more women educated as a debate is building up on this topic ahead of a UN meeting in September.

To achieve forms of development it is important to invest in women’s education, Cardinal Peter Turkson expressed his concern to the Guardian on Friday.

Previously at the Vatican, UN secretary general’s special envoy, Mary Robinson had voiced her opinion on the need for more focus on the education of girls and women.

Robinson was a part of the two-day conference held at the Holy See (the central point of reference). The conference was on the pope’s environmental encyclical where world leaders were criticized for their inability to produce any sort of change for the protection of the environment and people were urged to changer their wasteful lifestyles.

The cleric from Ghana who is the justice leader at the Vatican, Turkson, felt that while discussing environmental damage it was also necessary to discuss development. Sustainable goals like the climate change and the encyclical really go hand in hand, he said.

The UN meeting, which is scheduled for September, will see governments coming together to commit to developmental goals.

Turkson expressed his worry that the encyclical was being misinterpreted at the UN headquarters in New York, which he visited last month, it was being perceived as a document solely on climate change while it was much more, it was about ecology, an aim greater than climate change.

The encyclical has won many hearts and has the backing of many climate change activists, even non-Catholics like the ‘anti-capitalist’ author Naomi Klein.

Turkson added that the pope said no contribution is too small or too insignificant, everyone can support by changing and responding to the needs of the climate. There’s something for everybody to do.


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