Eating Chocolate can Cut Down Risk of Diabetes by 34% in Healthy People!

A new research, published in Clinical Nutrition, claims eating chocolate two to six times per week can reduce the risk of diabetes by 34% in healthy people. The study was led by James A. Greenberg from Brooklyn College of the City, University of New York in Brooklyn.

Lab and rodent studies demonstrated, with evidence, that chocolate has the ability to increase sensitivity of cells to insulin. Another Japanese epidemiological study has found an inverse link between long-term chocolate consumption and risk of developing Diabetes.

The current study was based on data obtained from 7802 participants in the prospective Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Cohort. The participants of the study were monitored for 13.3 years during which 861 cases of Diabetes Mellitus recognized

Earlier studies have already linked eating 100 grams of chocolate (about two bars) to a dramatically reduced risk of cardiovascular disorders, heart attack, stroke and even cancer!



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