Patients To Be Able To Track Their Own Health As New Law Passes In Arizona

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has co-authored a new Arizona law, which cam into effect on Friday. According to this new law patients can get their blood tests done whenever they need and do not see a doctor’s prescription.

Theranos is an American owned blood test company, Holmes founded it in 2003, when she was 19. The company provided blood testing in a much faster and cheaper method than traditional lab testing techniques.Holmes is the youngest self-made billionaire with a net worth of $4.6 billion.

Governer Doug Ducey signed the new law at a heranos lab in Scottsdale in April.

Elizabeth Holmes has been working towards an ultimate goal of giving patients the right to have a control over keeping a track of their health without having to go through expensive pr painful tests. She is aiming for cost-effective and comparatively painless tests for the consumers.

Holmes was quoted as saying that this new bill will help facilitate a new era between doctors and patients.

If people catch on to this new trend then they can monitor their health and keep a check on it before they get sick.

With the help of just a few drops of blood collected in Theranos’ patented Nanotainers, they can carry out tests.

FDA approved the Theranos testing procedures this Thursday, giving it a green signal to move forward.

This Arizona law is good for the patients and the physicians as well, as per the new law patients can order any blood test with the approval of a physician and it also allows the physician freedom of not being stuck in any problem because patients themselves have the responsibility of interpreting the result of the blood test.

Holmes added that this law is not to minimize the role of doctors but it also protects the doctors legally from any issues relating to misinterpretation.

Along with this the emphases of patients supporting physicians in a productive manner is imperative, said Holmes.

A biotech analyst for DeciBio, Eric Lakin felt that this new law is a huge step forward for Theranos and along with FDA’s approval it gives a boost to the company’s core competency.


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