Horrifying Incident As New Born Slips Out Of Nurses Hand

In a horrific incident at the Family Beginnings Birthing Center in Pennsylvania, a baby accidently slipped from a nurse’s hand and fell to the floor.

The infant suffered from a broken skull as he slipped from the 32-year veteran nurse hands. She was seated and caring for the infant when it happened, a statement from the hospital.

Officials claim that medical personnel immediately assessed the infant and multiple tests were performed to determine the extent of injuries.

Initially all was thought to be well as the doctors did not find any injuries but as a precaution the baby was transferred from the Pennsylvania hospital to a Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh so it could get specialized care.

The new hospital tested the baby again jus to be safe and they then discovered a minimally displaced skull fracture, as stated by Josh Krysak, spokesman for Uniontown Hospital.

Thankfully so far it is understood that the baby is set to recover fully.

Officials assured that Uniontown police were called in for investigation and the hospital is also having an internal review.

Krysak added that everyone was continuing to pray for the baby’s full recovery and they are working towards ensuring that accidents like this never happen again.

He also said that they were supporting the nurse at fault, recognizing her dedication to her job and the anguish she is suffering at the moment. Her official status remains under review as further information is gathered to fully access the situation.


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