Find Out Why Cancerous Indoor Tanning Is Losing Popularity Now!

A research on statistics has shown that tanning beds are not so popular with the Americans now. Study conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention showed that there has been a notable decline in the usage of tanning beds in America.

Tanning bed consists of fluorescent lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation to give the person a cosmetic tan. They can consist of 24 to 60 lamps, each of 100 watts.

In 2010 indoor tanning rates were 5.5% and in 2013 they went down to 4.2%. A significant decrease but still today 4.2% means 7.8 million women and 1.9 million men continue to use this service.

The study’s lead author CDC cancer researcher Gery Guy Jr. that although it was great to see a decline in the usage of tanning beds but was worried about the millions of people who continue to use indoor tanning service.

While this a great move towards the right direction a lot more awareness is needed to further reduce exposures to UV rays from tanning beds which are known to be cancerous, added Guy.

The National Health Interview Survey consisted of 59,145 people who took its survey and the data assembled proved results similar to the 2014’s results showing he decline in the use of tanning beds and booths in high school students.

Researchers acknowledged the decline of 25% in girls and 7% in boys when it comes to artificial tanning.
In marketing tactics, tanning bed manufacturers, have tried to assure the public that UV rays from tanning beds are not harmful like the UV rays from the sun, but now due to awareness people are aware that the risk of skin cancer goes up by 75% when using these tanning beds. Sadly they can also quite addictive, for some people the UV rays can have a drug like effect making them more dependent on getting their dose and experiencing withdrawal symptoms if they stay away too long.


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