Yahoo begins testing Google search results!

Now Yahoo and Microsoft are no longer exclusive - either they will have to work with other companies - when it comes to, that is. In fact, according to the New York Times, Mayer and his team have already started to test Google search ads in a small number of desktop and mobile contracts. It was first discovered SEOBook Aaron Wall, which in turn results from Yahoo! Bing and Google ads are those ads seen in different browsers. Both schemes have confirmed the NYT, but they do not discuss the cooperation in detail. "Yahoo! for the absolute best user experience, we work occasionally as several partners, including the engines running, we need to do something to prove," said the company alone.

Yahoo and Microsoft revised their 10-year partnership in April, Yahoo Bing search results and advertisements is only used. Now, the right to request assistance from other suppliers, with a maximum of 49 per cent of search results. Both have completely broken in October, but it is clear that Yahoo is still testing the waters before deciding. Yahoo Google ads to look for a way to give back to 2008, but the agreement has been nipped in the bud by the Ministry of Justice. DOJ Antitrust Division believe that the agreement could not refuse "to consumers the benefits of competition," Google walked so far. It is not clear that they are released on the table this time, but the DOJ issued no official statement about this potential partnership


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