Google & Firefox continue Competing; But we really know whose the better Browser!

Google chrome is one favorite like no other and you can’t deny it. Although it has strong contenders such as Safari and Firefox. Firefox however being the bigger contender has failed to beat Chrome out of its spotlight and is unable to get the attention from the browsing market.



In the past year Google has show an upraise from 19.3 percent to 26.3 and additionally for the month of June it rose up to 27.2 percent whereas Firefox

Mozilla’s web traffic has only managed to make an increase from 11.8 percent to 12 percent. This has been a slight distressful situation for Firefox since its incapable to not only beat its contender and increase web traffic but now the value of its shares has suddenly fallen.

So why does everyone favor Chrome? Even though they can chose from safari, Firefox and Microsoft’s internet explorer? Personally I feel chrome has performed better, crashed less compared to any of these, user friendly and is less bloated. Chrome continues to edge up in the ratings as Google keeps fine-tuning its browser. Chrome also offers quicker access to Gmail, built-in language translation, integration with Chrome apps and other features that likely appeal to Google users.

What about Microsoft explorer? Internet explorer surprisingly continues to top up from 58,1 percent of web traffic for June to 57.8 percent. Despite the good battle its putting up Microsoft too is losing faith in the soon to be released windows 10, Among specific browser versions, Internet Explorer 11 was tops last month with a Web traffic share of 27 percent, followed by Chrome version 43 with 17.5 percent and the aging IE 8 with 13.5 percent.



  1. Aaron Abraham N says

    Chrome hasn’t been good enough for some time now. You were saying “Personally I feel chrome has performed better, crashed less compared to any of these” but that is not so the opinion of increasingly many nowadays. Chrome has been crashing good in my computer and takes up a lot of memory which is a problem for those using low memory PCs, as for speed IE has been toping both Chrome and Firefox for some time. Your opinion of Chrome is outdated, Chrome is no longer a favourite though it still has many users, Firefox on the other hand has made a nice comeback and is much more stable and fast.

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