Study: Diabetes Drug Shown To Aid In Immense Weight Loss

In a year long study it was noted that obese people lost an average weight of 8 kilo’s while taking a diabetes drugs called Liraglutide. U.S regulators approved this inject-able diabetes drug for weight loss, last year.

In the 56 week long study it was noted that most people managed to keep the weight off, according to New England Journal of Medicine.

The drug is marketed under than name of Saxenda and is by drug makers Nova Nordisk. The drug Liraglutide has been given at lower doses to diabetics and they reported weight loss after taking the drug.
The trail was conducted at 191 sites in 27 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Minimum age for the contestant were 18 and above and all had a BMI of 30 or higher, BMI (body mass index) is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms with your height in meters. A standard healthy BMI is 19-25.

The study was conducted with 3,731 people and about two-thirds were given the drug plus training to improve their lifestyle while the rest followed got a placebo with the improved lifestyle training.

This trail was a double-blind meaning neither the doctors nor the patients knew which was the real drug or which was the placebo.

Those who received the real diabetes drug were injected under the skin with it daily and given a higher dose (3mg) than the dose given to diabetics (1.8mg).

Researchers found that at the end of the study the people who were given the placebo lost an average of 6 pounds while the people who were taking the diabetes drug had about 3 times more weight loss. 63% of people who were taking the drug experienced this weight loss mean while only 27% of people on the placebo showed the 6-pound weight loss.

The drug side effects included gastrointestinal distress and gallstones. Researchers noticed a slight increase in breast cancer risk, although more study is needed to find the link between the weight loss and more tumors.

Elias Siraj, director of the Diabetes Program at Temple University Hospital says this is another approach in tackling the obesity epidemic in the country. Siraj along with Williams wrote an accompanying editorial in the journal.

A weight loss of 5 to 10% even makes all medical issue better manageable. 35% of Americans live with obesity.

In 2012, two other weight loss drugs were launched in U.S but because of their side effects they are not widely used.


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