Fashionable Sunburn Tattoo Takes Over Instagram: Linked to 50% higher risk of Cancer

#Sunburn art is trending. It’s the coolest new look on the block this summer! However, dermatologists are warning this trend could get deadly, claiming that sunburn art can increase the risk of developing skin cancer and lead to premature aging.

While most of know sunburn can be potentially dangerous, this new trend is causing people to completely ignore just how dangerous suntanning is. People are applying suncream to their skin in “artistic” mosaic shapes, then allowing the surrounding skin to burn in order to create a contrast pattern – akin to intricate Henna designs. Some have gone far as to tattoo a portrait of Mona Lisa on their chest!

Elizabeth Hale is one of the dermatologists to speak out against the trend:

“What’s so scary about this sunburn art is they’re often being done on areas that are usually protected,” she told PEOPLE.

“Areas that are exposed everyday – like the face, the neck, the back of the hand – get a low level of sun exposure daily. But people are exposing areas of their body that have been covered year round.

“It’s as if more virginal skin is getting this intense sun exposure, which all of the data show is much more dangerous than chronic sun exposure.”

Health writer- blogging on HuffPost UK Lifestyle – Petra Kravos asked people to be alert about the dangers of sunburn, claiming that “getting sunburn doubles your risk of getting the deadliest skin cancer, melanoma”.

She adds: “Be kind to your body, don’t let it burn in the sun and increase your chances of getting a skin cancer. Your body and skin health is precious, so treat it like that.”

Kravos recommended one use a good quality, high protection suncream, avoiding direct sunlight between the hours of 11am and 3pm and applying suncream even if it happens to be cloudy day in order to avoid sunburn.


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