Detroit: Jupiter and Venus Degrees apart in the Night Sky; Put on Bright Spectacle

The stargazers of Detroit are sure in for a treat tonight! It’s going to be a cloudless night – ideal weather conditions for to watch the stars twinkle. And the celestial spectacle of the night: Venus and Jupiter on full display in a rare “double star” appearance.

The planets have been drawing closer to each other since the past month – and now reached their pinnacle a few nights ago. Unfortunately, the skies were cloudy and many people missed that show.

However, an even better show is now for offering: planets just degrees apart. Venus and Jupiter will be highly illuminated tonight, and you might even be able to see them at dusk, near twilight.

Astronomers are saying the place to look at is the west – just after dark. Optimal viewing will take place around 10 p.m and last only till 11.00 p.m. Whoever wants to watch this rare, beautiful spectacle has to be up and bright in that hour! Good luck!


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