Samsung has more to Boast about; S6 Edge+ and some…

Korean company, successful Smartphone and battery makers (and many more), Samsung Electronics decided to shift its focus on their latest Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy 6 edge. This Smartphone is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Earlier this week in Seoul, Korea; documentation proves that the company has won ownership of the trademark of ‘S6 Edge+’

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Samsung has won the trademark which may mean for the Korean company to be playing as big business ‘giants’ on the field.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which was officially launched in April was a considered to be a newer and more upbeat model after S6 only, they monopolized the cellular industry by showing off a never-before design – a screen that reaches at the end of both sides of the cellphone.

Despite the criticism and cold reaction of Samsung galaxy note edge, this edgy experiment brought them all the compensated praises. With the phone’s outraging demand that  could not pacify with the supply for weeks! The Galaxy S6 lineup boasts Samsung’s first built-in wireless-charging batteries.

While no other details were given regarding the “S6 EDGE+,” industry watchers said it may indicate a larger-screen edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge, just as Apple added “Plus” for bigger editions. The Galaxy S6 Edge boasts a 5.1-inch display.

Samsung is anticipated to showcase its next flagship tablet, a cross between a Smartphone and tablet PC, later this year.



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